Safety & Security

While we value community and welcome volunteers, Dream City Omaha is also fully committed to the safety and security of our youngest and most vulnerable members, that being said, youth and children’s ministry volunteers are required to submit to a background check.

Due to the unfortunate risk of violent acts against churches, the Dream City Church Omaha campus is also protected by armed security. Each armed security team member has been cleared and approved by the Dream City Omaha team. By law, no one except law enforcement officers may carry a concealed firearm within a church in the state of Nebraska without authorization from the church administration as a designated member of the security team.

The Dream City security team keeps a low profile, though the majority of the team is identifiable by an official security team shirt. Our concern is the safety of our members and guests. We have no reason to believe our church is a target, and believe it is a truly tragic state of society that we must take such measures. However, we continue to prayerfully and carefully find every way to ensure the safety of our house of worship.